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Safety First

Beverly Carter. I hope we all never forget her name.

I send my condolences to her loved ones on the this sensless tragedy.

As you have watched in the video above, I hope YOU WILL take the Safety Pledge. I hope you will share this with every real estate agent you know! Trust your instincts, it may save your life!

In light of Bevery Carters' murder, there are many resources out there for safety. I compiled a list of apps and blogs for you to review and I encourage you explore them here!

Thank you for watching! Below are the more safety tips and my favorite phone apps you can use for safety.

Apps for your phone:

Agent Armor - The app designed specifically for

Realtors when showing real estate.

Circle of 6 - a free app that prevents violence before it happens.

Guardly - The fastest way to connect to authorities, family & friends, when you need help.

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